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Hello everyone.
RadASMRapid Application Development Assembler IDE has been updated to version by fearless. Lets’s what is new in the updated version:

  • Increased custom control max count to 64
  • Extended custom control properties count. Previously this was limited to 127 total unique properties, of which 69
    where in use by RadASM. These properties as defined by ccdef and ccdefex are now handled in a new manner to store
    the text strings of the new property names in the notused field of the TYPES structure. Control IDs > 65535 will
    store the property strings in this manner and retrieved/parsed for inclusion in the dialog properties listview.

  • Added property description editbox below properties list.
  • Took out some experimental code that I worked on trying to incorporate web search for F1/CTRL+F1.
  • Took out some experimental code that allowed opening of a url from a text string of a url in comments.
  • Also added solarized theme
  • Turkish language file updated


  • Download Masm32 – Macro Assembler from its official page. But if you are using Windows 10 and don’t want any problem on Windows 10 you can download the windows 10 fixed package which was shared on masm32 forums.
  • After installing masm32 copy or extract the zip package to c:\masm32 path. That’s it. I have already done the path setup for Masm32. If you use any other language just make anew path setup


Temporarily download from here:

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19 January 2020

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