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How To Install Python 3 on OS X

python-logoIf you have a updated or you have OS X Lion, it comes with Python 2.7 by default. But whether you want to install Python 3; it is really easy, just follow the steps:

1. Ok go to Python 3 download page and read the features of new release. Then scroll a little bit and download Python 3 for your Mac. Or simply click here.

2. After download finishes check your download folder and simply double click(or Cmd+Down Arrow) on the installer and follow the instructions.

3. After installation finishes you have brand new Python 3 with Python 2.7 on your Mac without restart. But don’t forget to write


Because if you write down “python” and hit enter the Python 2.7 will run.

4. You can add an alias for “python3” and call it “python” so that no matter what, Python 3.x.x will always open whether you type “python” or “python3.” To do this, open up Terminal.

5. At the command prompt,  type: open ~/.bash_profile And this will open up the file in your default text editor. Add the following line to the file and save: alias python=”python3″

6. That’s all.

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How to Remove Sign in [email protected] Update on Mac OS X

resim0000To remove the sign in problem which wants from you to enter a password for [email protected] is really easy. This problem came with the installation of cracked Final Cut Pro X frum torrent. (Be always careful what you did download). Here is your recipe for removing this update:

1. Right-click on Final Cut Pro X and click “Show Package Contents”
2. Navigate to Contents/_MASReceipt/
3. Open the file “receipt” in any text editor
4. Search for (cmd+f) the word “angry”
5.) Delete the whole paragraph, containing angry birds
6.) Save
7.) You’re good…

Solution is that easy have phun!

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